Dunar’s Legacy

Our core strength lies with is our production team, which is made of highly experienced
professionals with decades of knowledge in this industry.

from simplicity to perfection

Dunar, the brainchild of Lala Duli Chand Aggarwal, was born in the year 1956 as a small Basmati Rice business in Karnal, Haryana. The Basmati Rice industry was extremely fragmented at the time; therefore Lala Duli Chand took it upon himself to exponentially expand it. In the year 1988, the eldest son of the founder, Mr. Narender Aggarwal, joined the company to shoulder the responsibilities of the family business.

In order to fulfill the vision of their father, Mr. Narender Aggarwal and Mr. Surender Aggarwal (younger son of the founder), continued the success story by converting their firm into a Private Ltd. Company in 1992. To continue the legacy of her family, Ms. Kanta Gupta joined the company in 2000, the same time when the company started its direct exports besides its existing domestic market. With their precise expertise in different areas, Dunar’s Team created matchless credentials in the domestic and overseas markets, besides helping in establishing of many other’s Brands.

Choice of All across Nations and Generations

Embarking on this journey, Dunar’s name grew ecstatically in the global markets beyond everyone’s expectations. Since then the company has continuously strived towards meeting the defined goals and increasing capacity year after year with the best technology in the industry. With a clean and spotless track record of five decades, the company is enjoying the repute of a successful corporation in the industry

Considering the company’s major objectives towards education and knowledge for all, Dunar has set up Lala Duli Chand Aggarwal Memorial Trust, which fulfills the necessary needs of the poor and orphaned children.

Social Responsibilities

DUNAR since its inception has proved to be a socially responsible organization. The Company with its management has taken dedicated efforts towards enriching the society. The contribution of DUNAR could be made out by way it creates healthy working atmosphere, gives respect to the human values and takes measures to safeguard the health and safety of its employees. 

DUNAR also believes in carrying out its business in environment friendly manner, thus company has always complied with governmental norms against Air and Water Pollution and restricted emission of pollutants from its machinery, such as boilers by setting up anti pollutant safeguards, which is a major source of pollution in the rice industry. 

Adhering to the global human rights standards the company has no minor labour, it carries out no unfair trade practices, and ensures the highest standards of safety and environment. 

Working in the Agriculture sector which has significant contribution in India’s GDP, the company has realized the importance of development of farmers and is providing training and education besides planning for setting up farmer advisory cell. 

The Company’s major objective has been to achieve predefined goals while offering education and knowledge for all. Considering this the Company has set up Lala Duli Chand Aggarwal Memorial Trust, this trust fulfils necessary educational needs of the poor and orphan children.

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