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Who We Are

Dunar, the brainchild of Lala Duli Chand Aggarwal, was born in the year 1956 as a small Basmati Rice business in Karnal, Haryana.

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Dunar Difference

One of the largest processors/exporter of Indian Basmati rice, Dunar produces above 360,000 metric tons. Our state of the art facilities has in house milling capacity.

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Legend of Basmati

Our rice is stored with extraordinary care maintaining the right atmospheric conditions, and properly aged to provide the finest tasting rice loved all over the world. May you enjoy your finest plate this time.

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Consistently maintaining our high ideals of premium produce for over five decades.

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Dunar's kitchen

Featured Recipies

Rice being the most versatile grain on the planet; use it for infinite combination in almost any meal of the day.

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Preparation Methods

Dunar Basmati remains an excellent choice to start any dish. Boil it or steam it, you are bound to be amazed by the fine fragrance of our rice.

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Chef's Specials

Dunar Basmati rice is the preferred choice of Restauranteurs across the globe. No wonder it can add Magic to even the most ordinary preperations

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Let the “Queen of Fragrance” take your breath away.Try Dunar Basmati today.