The Old Faithful amongst Basmati

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Dunar Nutritia

Healthy Brown Basmati

DUNAR “Nutritia” is a celebration of Nature’s finest offering in the healthiest form of Traditional Basmati Rice. A grain without compare, contains highest fiber than any other white rice and it’s rich in minerals. It is hand-tended with loving care in the spring-fed region at the base of the mighty Himalayas. Truly, due to its bran content, it helps in lowering cholesterol, making it the healthiest meal.

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Dunar Elonga

Extra Long Basmati

DUNAR “Elonga” is a variety of Basmati rice, grown in the foot hills of Himalayas, which is the longest grain with a highest elongation ratio, guaranteed to be the fluffiest and most eye appealing rice in the world.

Also Available:

  • Elonga Parboiled (Sella White / Creamy) Extra Long Basmati Rice

  • Elonga Parboiled Golden (Golden (Muzza) / Yellow ) Extra Long Basmati Rice


Dunar Festiva

Quality Everyday Basmati

Dunar 'Festiva' is our long grain Basmati grown in the foothills of the Himalayas. Carefully selected grains ensure that you get to experience the very best. Amongst rice, Dunar Basmati occupies a prime position on account of tenderness, delectable taste and an essence that can mesmerize food lovers. Enjoy the everyday goodness of fine basmati on your table.


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