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Meet the team that has been successfully delivering smiles to your homes since 1956

Surender Gupta

Chairman & Managing Director

Mr.Gupta is leading Dunar Foods Ltd from the front and has single handily taken the company & brand among top 5 rice mills in India. His passion, commitment & honesty for brand and work reflects in the very name of brand DUNAR which is the combination of initials of his late father and later elder brother’s name.

Narender Singh

Executive Director

Mr.Singh is taking care of all CSR activities under his direct supervision & is leading his team for all packaging needs of the factories. He has been a Civil Service India Government employee and has a great insight towards modern agriculture techniques as well as liasoning with scientist & all government departments.

Sudhir Gupta

General Manager PPC

Mr. Sudhir Gupta is Mechanical Engineer & has joined the family business for over a year now. Under the able leadership of his father’s younger brother Mr. Surendner Gupta, he is heading Production & Planning at Dunar Foods Ltd. In his short tenure, Sudhir is already showing remarkable signs of well-groomed leader in making.

Royce Abraham

General Manager Sales - USA

Mr. Royce Abraham comes from sales background of state of the art Buhler Machinery and is Mechanical Engineer himself. He has joined the USA business for almost a year now. He is playing a key role in managing USA office as well as brand sales & promotion in USA & Canada.

Charul Pahuja

VP Logistics

Ms. Pahuja has been with Dunar Foods for a long time and is playing a very important role among the key management team. She is a Company law graduate a has been responsible for entire logistics operations for all destinations related to Export market of Dunar.


We add a little bit of the Dunar magic in every stage of the farm-to-fork journey of Dunar basmati rice. True to our promise of serving you with nothing but the best, our industry-leading processes deliver the highest possible quality in every bag of Dunar. 

At Dunar, we have a vast, country-wide procurement network that ensures access to the best quality grains. A meticulous selection and audit procedure ensures that only the finest basmati reaches our production plants. Our experienced production team uses fully-automated production lines with advanced new-age machinery to ensure precision and hygiene control during paddy processing. This ensures that we consistently deliver the finest quality basmati rice. Quality is at the heart of what we do here at Dunar. Our vast arsenal of tests on physical, chemical and cooking parameters provide for thorough, un-compromised testing at our Quality Control labs. 

Read on to find out more about how your favourite Dunar Basmati rice is procured, processed and delivered to you!

The Science and Art of Converting Paddy to Rice

Converting Basmati paddy into quality rice is an amalgamation of scientific procedures and artistic experience. In addition to state-of-the-art, fully-computerized production lines, it is the experience of the production team that ensures consistent, high-quality output of Basmati Rice. Besides the hi-tech machinery, the control of pressure, precession and hygiene conditions during paddy processing matters a lot for ensuring consistency in quality. At Dunar, our core strength is our production team, comprising professionals with decades of experience in the basmati rice industry.

Production Overview

  • Paddy procurement

    Production starts with the procurement of the raw paddy through our market channels. We acquire the rice paddy through mandi auctions. We have a procurement network covering most of the Basmati producing region of India. After the selection, audit and checks, the paddy goes through the process of quality control to ascertain the consistency

  • Rice Processing and Quality Check

    Our processing units consist of several fully integrated, 100%
    automated rice milling, parboiling, processing and packaging plants
    to ensure smooth flow from paddy to fully packed rice, untouched by human hands.

  • Packaging and Storage

    DUNAR has annual contracts for maintenance and protection of the storage infestation with the leading service providers in the Industry

Paddy Procurement

The production process starts with procurement of paddy from the market channels, the primary channel being mandi auctions. Dunar has a procurement network covering most of the Basmati producing region of India.

We have presence in the following Mandis -
(55/60 Mandis), Rajasthan (3/3 Mandis), Punjab (110/118 Mandis) and Uttar Pradesh (15/30 Mandis)

Paddy Quality Control Process

We follow SACC procedure for ensuring the paddy matches our high standards of quality requirements.


During early morning hours of purchase season, Pakka Aarti, a company-appointed Commission Agent in each Mandi, identifies and selects the Paddy heaps that fit into our strict standards.
The following parameters are checked - Admixture, Moisture, Length


Dunar also has a dedicated purchasing department wherein each purchaser heads the inspection of 5 to 6 Mandis, monitors purchase done by the Pakka Aarti, and rejects any heap deemed unfit as per standards set by the company.


When paddy arrives in the processing unit, Top Management, as well as paddy unloading team, check the master samples of every vehicle that brings the paddy and any samples deemed unfit as per set parameters, are rejected.


At the unloading stage, Paddy Unloader pricks jute bags containing paddy to match POST unloading sample with PRE unloading sample to confirm the quality of the paddy.
As a final check, lab personnel prepare quality and yield report of paddy samples from every vehicle.

Paddy processing

The Drive for Perfection-Quality Control

Our state-of-the-art rice processing plants have fully mechanized and sophisticated procedures for different stages like de-moisturizing, temperature controlled drying, cleaning, de-husking, de-stoning, polishing, sorting and grading. In our high-tech milling plants, every stage of the production process conforms to international standards and stringent guidelines of process control are meticulously adhered to, ensuring uniformity of grains and preservation of the inherent aroma and basic nutritional value of the grain.

Our infrastructure is amongst the best on the planet. We employ the most advanced milling machines, made with the latest, cutting-edge technology in the field of Basmati milling.

We have an unwavering focus on improving the quality of our products and the efficiency of our processes in order to fulfill our two pronged responsibility of giving the best to our customers, and of utilizing earth’s limited natural resources in the most optimal manner.

Quality Assurance is the heart of our process. We deliver consistent quality to our esteemed customers worldwide by following stringent standards right from the time of paddy procurement to the delivery of final product, making us a globally renowned and preferred supplier of Indian Basmati rice.

Every grain that makes it to a Dunar bag has undergone strict quality checks to ensure that it consistently exceeds the expectations of our quality-obsessed clientele, which would settle for nothing but the best.


Dunar has an In-house testing lab, fully furnished with state of the art testing equipments to test following parameters in Paddy & Rice:

- Physical Analysis
- Cooking Analysis


All incoming raw material & outgoing finished products are tested & documented to have complete traceability.

State-of-the-art Packing Technology

We are global pioneers of the 3D zipper pouch packaging concept. As part of our brand revamp exercise, we have improvised on our unique packaging. The new bags are more functional and aesthetically appealing, providing a ready solution for convenient long-term storage and usage of rice. 

Rice Storage

Our production units are further equipped with the finest covered warehouses and silo units, to ensure that Dunar basmati is aged under the strictest hygiene conditions.

Karnal Unit:

amritsar unit:

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