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Dunar Legacy
Dunar Legacy is the most authentic expression, the truest manifestation of what traditional Indian Basmati stands for. Dunar Legacy comes from a lineage of the original pure-bred basmati seeds. Be it the visual appeal or nutritional value, Dunar Legacy is truly a one-of-a-kind, fit-for-royalty product; the finest among the fine varieties of basmati.
Dunar Elonga
Dunar Elonga, the extra long grain 1121 basmati variety, is our flagship offering.The name ‘Elonga’ is representative of the fact that this variety has the maximum elongation post cooking, among all rice varieties. The fluffy texture and slender look of Dunar Elonga is Instagram-worthy. Dunar Elonga will tantalize your taste buds and will transport you to a new realm of culinary pleasure.
Dunar Nutritia
Dunar Nutritia is our whole-grain brown rice offering, pairing the delight of Basmati with a health-minded outlook. Nutritia is relatively low on calories, high on fiber and can be incorporated in a variety of dishes while still preserving the nutritional trifecta of the whole grain: bran, germ and endosperm,and keeping the good-for-you nutrients intact.
Dunar Festiva
Dunar Festiva carries our Pusa Basmati Rice offering. Festiva carves its niche on the all important fronts of tenderness in cooking, a delectable taste and a fragrance to mesmerize all food-lovers. This all encompassing variety is fit for every occasion, be it a casual brunch or once-a-year festivities.
Dunar Nawazish
Dunar Nawazish is a household name, carrying one of India’s best known 1121 steam rice offerings. The consistency of the grains and the excellent elongation upon cooking make it the best, most preferred choice for special dishes. The slender, fluffy and non-sticky grains mean that it is perfect for personal use as well as for hotels, restaurants, catering (HoReCa) and other bulk uses.
Dunar Daily
Dunar Daily is our pocket-friendly steam rice offering.
Dunar Elonga Creamy Sella
Dunar Elonga Creamy Sella is amongst the most popular parboiled rice brands across the globe. The translucent, creamy-white grains do not break or stick upon cooking and attain excellent elongation and volume. Dunar Elonga Creamy Sella is as much a treat for your eyes as it is for your taste buds.
Dunar Nawazish Gold
Dunar’s golden sella basmati rice offering is known as Dunar Elonga Golden Sella in some markets, and Dunar Nawazish Gold in some others. The translucent golden grains maintain a subtle golden colour even after cooking, and this provides a great boost to the visual appeal of the rice. As for our creamy sella offering, the grains do not break or stick upon cooking, and attain excellent elongation and volume.
Dunar Fusion
Dunar Fusion is a unique variety of basmati rice presenting the perfect fusion of taste, aroma and visual appeal. Grown in the foothills of the Himalayas, it’s endowed with the goodness of nature. The fluffy texture and excellent taste of Dunar Fusion ensure that it’s a winner in every situation. Dunar Fusion is our pocket-friendly, raw-aged rice offering.
Dunar Gourmet Choice
Dunar Gourmet Choice Creamy Sella is our best quality creamy sella basmati rice offering. Grown in the foothills of the Himalayas and parboiled to a subtle creamy shade, Dunar Gourmet Choice Creamy Sella attains excellent elongation and volume upon cooking. It’s the perfect combination of a great taste and an amazing visual appeal.

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