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The exquisite aroma and slender grains of Dunar Basmati Rice will add a new dimension of culinary pleasure to both your cooking and consumption experience.

Lemon Rice

When life gives you lemons, make Lemon Rice. Bursting with lemon flavor, this is a delicious way to turn plain rice into an exotic dish, and it’s the perfect accompaniment to any meats and/or veggies.

Masbaiy / tuna rice

This is a one-pot dish that Maldivians usually cook when they go on picnics. It is also a popular dish cooked for Friday lunch. It is generally served with Maldivian fish paste or thelli rihaakuru, but can be enjoyed on its own with a green salad.

Lebanese chicken

A traditional Lebanese dish typically served for special occasions, this recipe exemplifies the importance of spices in Lebanese cuisine. The delicately spiced chicken and rice is topped with cinnamon-dusted chicken, golden almonds and pine nuts. Serve with your favorite salad.

tomato biryani

Tomato Biryani is an easy & hassle free one pot meal. Its a spicy and flavorful variety rice that tastes great with a simple raita and papad. This is a perfect lunch box menu too.

Eggplant stuffed rice

It takes creativity to use gobs and gobs of eggplant! The key to tender Stuffed Eggplant is picking the eggplant when it is young and using it while it is still fresh. Whether you are a meat lover, vegetarian, or paleo, this recipe works!

Deviled chicken

Devilled Chicken is a popular Sri Lankan Chicken recipe which is mostly served with Fried Rice. In cooking, the term 'deviled' has several meanings, but it most often implies a preparation with a sharp flavor, most often derived from mustard, vinegar, cayenne or other chiles.

Chicken Schnitzel

This fabulous midweek supper dish includes enough ingredients and inspirational ideas for a packed lunch the next day too. The best way to really get the chicken fillets to absorb the flavors of the herbs and seasonings is to allow them to marinate overnight.

Saudi Chicken

Kabsa is made of chicken that is slowly simmered in a spicy broth of tomatoes and spices. This chicken is then removed and either fried or grilled while the broth is used to cook the rice. The result is a mouth-watering aromatic dish which smells lemony and spicy. The rice absorbs the juices from the chicken and vegetables and is moist. The chicken is cooked till just tenderness and then steamed with the rice so it is all in one with the rice when you serve it out.

Garlic Rice

Garlic fried rice is a classic accompaniment for any Filipino feast. The simplest versions just contain fried garlic and rice, but a bit of spring onion and egg really brings out the flavor.

Dum Biryani

Hyderabadi Dum Biryani is a world famous dish from India, native to Hyderabad. This non-vegetarian delicacy is an authentic Hyderabadi rice preparation which is a meal in itself. Coupled with flavors of spices delicately combined with rice and chicken makes an aromatic combination that is hard to resist.


This is the exclusive specialty of Maldivian Cuisine, it has to be there to grace all special occasions. It is made on Eids as a dessert, by itself on naming ceremonies of newborns, to mark achievements and on any occasion that calls for a celebration. Usually it accompanies spicy fish or chicken to balance the sweetness of the bondibai.

Fried rice

There are so many ways a fried rice can be made. Chinese fried rice, schezwan style, egg fried rice, chicken fried rice are some of the most common ones. This vegetable fried rice is an easy one to follow, can be made with any sauce one likes. It can be made in a jiffy with basic ingredients and rice.

Coriander rice

Coriander in some places in the world is better known as Cilantro. Coriander Rice is a gorgeous flavorful, aromatic Indian side dish, which can be accompanied to other spiced dishes, which contain vegetables, meat or seafood.

Coconut shrimp rice

Imagine a bowl filled with coconut rice and then topped with coconut curried glazed shrimp that have been sautéed in bunch of garlic, ginger and scallions. Ummm yes please. It’s packed with flavor. Super delicious and it’s pretty light too

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